Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-3 | Armorama™

Here we take a look at the Zvezda offering of a Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-3 in 1/35th scale.

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I really like Zvezda’s approach to tracks/suspension/wheels. They are easy to assemble and paint. And the rest of the parts look good.

Looks great, might get one

Hey guys, there is an Off-Topic Shenanigans forum for political talk! Let’s keep this particular model-announcement thread on topic by limiting discussion to the quality of the kit…

People I have no desire to start editing posts here as I accept your opinion is what it is. With that said please can we try to talk about the model reviewed rather than the company concerned and the country which they are in. By all means don’t buy the model due to the Russian connection but that is not relevant to the products quality.

One can use it to make captured by ukraine BMP 3, I plan to use a bunch of zvezda T72’ for that.
Example here: Search ∙ Russia ∙ Captured ∙ WarSpotting — documenting material losses in Russo-Ukrainian war

It looks pretty good. I prefer interiors so would rather choose the Trumpeter version.

Really wish they would downsize it to 1/72