Russian license plates?

I noticed my Typhoon K from Takom doesn’t come with any license plate decals.

Where can I get aftermarket plates for modern Russian MRAPs?

Also, what is the difference between using white or black plates for modern Tussian MRAPs?


Quinta Studio do a 3d printed an interior detail for the K, link to show what it look like but no rego plates.

Other kits do come with rego plates
link to 1/35 sets

What about these ?


Yup, I have that one from Quinta. As you said, no license plates though…

I also see some Quinta sets come with several different license plates. Hm, but how difficult is to get Quinta these days?


Oh yes, thank you HP!

Microdesign is also from Russia though. I’ll have to find the source for the set, and I think it won’t be easy…

Btw, any ideas about white vs black plates? I suppose white are civilian, black are military. Can anyone confirm this?




Thank you Frenchy, you are the man!


You’re welcome ! :wink:


A related question. Am I correct in my conclusion that armored vehicles do not carry license plates? I have only seen them on wheeled Russian Army vehicles so far.

As far as I can tell, all Russian army wheeled vehicles have license plates, but I never saw anything similar on tracked vehicles.

Not 100% sure though… My main interest is in wheeled stuff so I’m far from an expert in Russian tanks.