Russian MI-8 Hip

This is one of the more iconic russian rotary wing other than the hind .
Trumpeter kits this in 1/35 and its huge .
This build had a unholy amount of scratch work added to it . There is not an area on thia bird that didn’t receive white styrene , wire or new panel lines scribed and in some cases all the above


That bird looks great.

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Great job on it. It looks awesome.

A note, I changed your title. The Hound was the MI-4. This is an MI-8 Hip.

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Yeah i just sent you a message on that
I was having a idiot moment .This just drive home the point I was trying to make earlier . We all make mistakes ( me more than most) and the people here help each other without getting nasty about it.
The hound is on my want list though .

That is a truly gorgeous model of a truly ugly helicopter. That front end looks like a ski resort gondola. Truly a glorious representation tho.

@loncray .
Thank you for the kind words . People are always amazed to find out it was done 100% with craft paint ( apple barrel)

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Looks amazing!

I cant believe it was done with craft paints!

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All the time my friend .That is pretty much all I run through his the airbrush . I do have quite a bit of Valejo and Army Painter that I will use for small details sometimes. That is few and far between most of the time

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