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Here we take a look at a new 1/35th scale release of an interesting subject in the form of a Russian Military Van UAZ 3909.

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Interior views:


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'Might just have to get one of these (like I need another model!). very useful as what I call a “Scondary Model”, you know, sort of accentuating another one on the same base. So, bags of scope here - did the Soviet Commandant’s servcie (MP by another name) use them? If so, there are some quite colourful finishing options I recall.

It says right in the review that the first finishing option is for the Soviet Commandant’s service…

Paint it black and fill it with henchmen chasing a DB5

Doh! That’ll teach me to just scan.

Thank you Frenchy

More pics :

and here :


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Good to see the review so we can get a look in the box. Kit looks excellent- hopefully Quinta Studios will release a set of their 3D Decals for it.

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Aftermarket opportunity ?



I bought the kit because the Russians are not fond of the major changes of a well-proven design. The original version I love very much is the UAZ-452 van for which you can find zillions of photos on the net. If you check the parts, you can see two steering wheels, and the thinner ones looks like the original (452) design.
I plan to build a Hungarian Military Emergency (First Aid) vehicle which was very common in the HDF. With a minimal scratch building it is doable. It is easy to find exterior photos and some interiors too.
Another option would be to build a standard (Hungarian) forestry vehicle that can be extremely weathered. The net is full of reference photos.
Lastly one could use it in an afghan war diorama, too. Choices are unlimited.

Have fun, it is a very good kit.


This will be the prefect company to my M18 Dromader. Maybe I’ll get a Lada Niva too from Balaton Model.