Russian Navy Kashtan CIWS, Takom 1/35



How’d this go together? I just picked one of these up this weekend!

Yours looks really good.

Thanks mate! The kit goes together really well, no putty needed.

Great display piece!!! :+1: :+1:

Noice! :+1:

What colors did you use? Working on a SA-N and have a AK-130 at some point.

Thank you mate!

Beautifully done!

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Thank you!

Thanks mate, I have those two in my stash as well. I’m mainly an armor modeller specialized in antiaircraft systems so I had to do a little research about Russian navy colors, not too much, just to figure out that the Black Sea fleet uses darker grey than the Northern fleet, so you can vary the shades. For this one I chose Tamiya’s XF-19 Sky Grey. My plans for the AK-130 are to use a darker one.
Hope this to be useful

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Thanks. I like the idea of using a Tamiya color out of the bottle. :+1: