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Armor35 has kitted several 1/35 Soviet railcar subjects, and other companies have followed suite. This accessory set allows modelers to modify and im...

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Followed the links to the earlier posting about UA trains. I’m not really a train guy but have a couple of Mini-art train kits. Do these UA models fit on Mini-art’s rails? Either or both the Soviet gauge or the European gauge?

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Presumably Armor35 and Miniart rolling stock will fit upon either tracks. If the model companies scaled their track properly, there should be no difference.

Armor35 produced track gauged for both Soviet railways and for track the Germans re-gauged. IIRC, Armor35 provides options for both gauges.

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Unfortunately, I do not yet have any track by Miniart or others to mate to my Armor35 track.

I recall a thread showing various 1/35 track but can’t find it. Here is a thread concerning 1/35 track:
New military trackage from Sabre; 1/35th