Russian translation

Anybody out there that can translate these from Russian to English for me? Tried a translation program and got gibberish. Also, some context. I think the top two might go together. Working on a KV-1 in Kharkiv, 1943. Dont want a slogan for Leningrad or such.

Leningradets. So don’t use the bottom one. :slight_smile:

I don’t speak Russian at all, but with the help of wikipedia and google translate, I could only get “Kovsk zlor’” out of the top two sets of decals, where Kovsk by itself doesn’t seem to mean anything and the zlor’ bit means “evil”, but this is just wild guess work.

10 = Evil ???


I’m not a native Russian speaker (I’m Bulgarian, the language is similar and I have pretty good reading skills in Russian) but to the best of my knowledge:
ковск = kovsk (sounds like a name of a town or something similar - like Omsk, Tomsk, etc)
зморь = zmor (where the R sound is soft due to the addition of ь) - according to my daughter that speaks fluent Russian (she’s been attending Russian embassy school for 10 years) this might mean “look around”, “look to the side” or something similar, but it is very unusual word. If it relates to WW2 then this might be the case - she’s not sure
Ленинградец = Leningradets - meaning person (or object) from Leningrad (Saint Petersburg)

An update:
According to my kids (my son also has attended the same school for 8 years) this is not Russian but maybe Ukrainian or Kazakh. If Ukrainian then Google Translate gives “die” for “зморь” and no meaningful translation from Kazakh. And if Ukrainian then “ковск” would be translated as “crucible”

Position 9 and 10 mean nothing.
There are no such words in Russian.
This is a creation of Chinese decal manufacturers who do not speak Russian.

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I am not a native Russain speaker either, but “ц” has a ts sound, as in царь (Tsar)
The ь softens the letter preceding it.

Well - there’s always a debate how to write letters like ш, щ, ю, я, ц, ч using latin alphabet, you know. My language has all of these and it is mostly a matter of personal preference on how to write these for English speakers :wink:
Anyway - I stand corrected for the ц

This nonsense is a misreading of the original inscription “For Gorkovsk…”
Which is obviously part of the slogan.
There may be other options - “suffering”, “tears”, etc.
The inscription is associated with the city of Gorky.

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It’s all good. Trust me, I can speak/write incorrectly in many languages. Certainly not as good as your English.

The original text could look like “For Gorky’s suffering” - “За горьковские страдания”

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Now I’m wondering where this Ленинградец came from :smiley:

Before you posted your photo I was going to say that Russian is decidedly tricky to write in cursive, hence Leningradets must have come from a photograph.
As for “for” I can easily see how they chopped off the top of the “A” by misinterpreting the photo. Perhaps it was covered in mud, or suffered from the notorious “chipping effect” in that spot. :smile:


Tamiya did famously booger up a Russian decal sheet in the '70’s and actually had a decal in latin characters for “for” in For Mother russia.


Honestly speaking - I didn’t think of it, as I am used to reading handwriting in Bulgarian (which is virtually the same as Russian handwriting).
The 1:1 reading of the “Ленинградец” would be LOningRadets, where a native speaker will understand that the O (second letter) is actually E (as if you really suck in handwriting) and the R looks more like a β than р, but our brains are really good at finding patterns :slight_smile:
Anyway - I really enjoyed this conversation.
P.S. Please take the answers of @Holger as definitive ones.
P.P.S. My initial answer was based on me asking the kids via Viber. Then they said: give us a context. I sent them the picture and they immediately responded: This is not Russian :smiley:


My Google translate thought it was Kazakh but that is not one of the languages it would translate. Seems Ukrainian is more relevant.

Leningradets - the inscription is correct.
This is a tank from the 1st Leningrad Red Banner Tank Brigade of the Leningrad Front -

I understand all languages , except Greek. Unfortunately they are ALL Greek to me.

Other decals on the sheet are for this one. Not shown on the instructions for the kit I have. The decal sheet is for 3-4 different kits. Guess it’s cheaper to print that way.