Rye Field 1/35 Panther Ausf F - 1946/7 what if

Liking that colour scheme… Looks very good. :+1:

thanks Johnny…

started the masking… going for “camel” with green (not sure on what green still, thats this mornings job)

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of course I meant giraffe!!!

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I was to polite to say anything lol

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its gone green… really pleased with that (less so with how I tried to add parts from other tanks (ie engine deck and one harth)… oh well, can weather them differently

and with the turret


Where did that camel go ?? :rofl:
Very nice cam though. Looks nice and random, and the plain turret contrasts really well with it :+1:


turret has had pin wash and matt varnish to allow me to do the factory markings. spare tracks done - just placed on turret to give me an idea on how good/bad they look

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skirt rails added, should be able to to do pin wash tomorrow…


pin wash and matt varnish on… they one is racing towards the finish, not sure how weathered it will be yet…