Rye Field Abrams SEP V3 confusing instructions

I feel I am missing something obvious here…

I want to make the machine which is the bottom one on picture 4 + Trophy APS.

All the drawing have the RCWS in the same place so what does the option in picture mean please?
Confused of Coventry

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Posting the picture from RFM here.

Thanks so I need to do the bottom left one in the two-tone camo scheme.
I still have no idea why RFM give you an option to put the RCWS in a place not used for the four camo options.

Sometimes (read often) the manufacturers (or assembly diagram artists) take shortcuts by using the same basic 4 view drawing for all camouflage schemes.
Don’t rely on the camo-diagrams for parts placement.

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The optional location of the RCWS in the middle of the turret front is for transport. It lowers the overall height to allow it to fit under some low bridges or inside low tunnels.


Thank you that makes sense.

I have just had someone reply on Faceache that the no two-tone CARC machines have Trophy only NATO camouflage machines. Do you think he is right?

Have you seen a photo of a Sep V3 vehicle with the trophy in service?

The only ones I managed to find are prototypes of the V3 with the Trophy or Sep V2 vehicles in exhibitions.


In some pictures of M1s using Trophy, there are extra boxes on top of the turret on each side. But in some photos, there are no boxes. No boxes are included in the RFM V3 kit. Were the boxes just there on the initial tests, or are they a part of the Trophy system when it is mounted? I´m also looking to build an M1 with the Trophy mounted.

You know, until in service pics start popping up, I would just avoid that version for now :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’s not just boxes. There’s quite a lot of armored conduit on the roof too, all missing from the rye kit.

I think some tanks were fitted with dummy trophy pods for training purposes - the might explain the lack of boxes.

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Your guy on Facebook is misinformed. All M1A2 SEP v3 tanks are capable of mounting TROPHY. None have been used operationally yet. TROPHY is like TUSK, it is only installed in combat and can be added or deleted as needed.


I guess the question is whether Trophy-fitted SEP v3’s would have the same components on the roof as v2s. If they would, then the Rye Field kit has some big ommissions; if not, then it’s accurate.


My suspicion is that the TROPHY will come in two colors sand or green, no camo. So if you paint the TROPHY green or sand and store them away, you could just attach them later if they go into service out of storage.

I don’t think so. I believe all the wiring and other parts that are separate on the A2 are included into the A3 turret for the Trophy system.


Be interesting to see if they have the correct loaders MG mount on this one unlike the SEP 2 version Im plodding on with at the moment ??

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I’m interested, my next project will be precisely this abrams V3