Rye Field M1240A1 M-ATV #5052

Reading here it’s a good kit, as I know very little of the vehicle it is my understanding that the US Marines don’t have this version that is in the Rye Field kit, is that correct?

Can this version be made with say the Meng Zu-23 guns?

If it can, does anyone know of a online build that can help with the details?


Great version. I tried to build it, but I gave it up due to the elements of the rear section

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For the straight version or AA? What bits do I need to watch out for and do you have thread for the build?

I came to the point where it was necessary to decide on the layout of the rear. So I had a standard M-ATV with no high build-up on the back of the vehicle. So I will not help because I have not decided to continue

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And off to the shelf of doom it went?

someone has already built this vehicle …


Great find. Do you know who or if they have a build online somewhere?


Unfortunately, I do not know. The photo is from some exhibition / competition in Belgium, I think

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Ok, thanks anyway.



Sure looks great, I’d love to see more.

I might cobble this one using the Panda kit on my stash. Already have the ZSU from the Meng set.

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