Rye field models m-atv wheels

I was wondering if anybody else had purchased right field models M-ATV wheels set number 1001. I’m looking to buy the flat wheel that comes in that set. I need three more To do a diorama with. Can’t justify the cost of buying three more full sets. So if anybody has that spare left, please let me know willing to purchase. I’m in Canada.

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Why don’t you just resin cast them using silicone mold and cast resin off of Amazon?

Thank you James for that. I have tried making resin copies, but for some reason I always no matter what I do get air bubbles. I know it’s a shot in the dark to find the wheels. I was just hoping somebody bought the set and didn’t use them. I’ll just put the project on the back shelf and maybe get to it some other day.

Craig - I have that set and definitely won’t be using the flat tire from it. All I’d ask for is postage cost. PM me your address if interested.


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