Ryefield Stug IIIG early

Hey all, I just got this kit #5069 on sale from sprue bros. It’s my first Stug ever! I’ve always liked the stugs but never built one. I kinda wanted to build them in order, but I couldn’t pass on the sale, and it includes workable track and slide molded barrel. This one is a few kits down the line- I need a couple straightforward builds next :joy:
My question: I was searching yootoob for build reviews but haven’t seen any of this, or any Ryefield Stug III actually. What’s the deal? Is it too new, or too old/crappy? It looks nice in the box and seems to have enough interior to leave hatches open, at least over the fighting compartment.
Also, is there a modelers guide sheet to Stug kits & accessories anywhere?

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Too new

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As stated, too new. My guess, you won’t be disappointed! RFM kits are outstanding and highly rated


There’s a very nice build blog/review over on the Track-Link site by David Coyne. He rates this kit as being on par with the DML kits and even better in some ways. There are a lot of extras in the kit that allow the builder to have some options. It has all the parts to build one of the stugs based on the Panzer III J chasis, it also has the parts to do the welded 80 mm front armor as well as the 30 mm bolted and 50mm welded armor. You can do either an Alkett or Miag produced vehicle. It includes a nice saukopf mantlet as well as the bolted type, four different types of muzzle brakes with parts enough to complete two. The sprues seem to be set up for a future release of a late production stug kit. I have three of the kits and have started a build of one using the Panzer III J parts and another with the 80 mm welded armor that Alkett started using fairly early in their production. A very nice kit and a better price then the DML kits if you can find them!
Regards, Bob

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I just looked at that site and did not see a blog of the kit.
Can you provide a link?

:smile:So jealous right now

Great kit !


Working on mine as we speak!

Track Link: David Coyne - RFM StuG III G by RFM

Planning to start the kit and saw the link. There’s a lot of excellent explanation of extra parts that are in the box. I think David’s build blog is well worth a look.