Ryefield's new Tiger is a step backwards, VK45.01(H) (Fgsl.Nr.V1)

No date given, looking at the sprue contents, there are a lot of options, including the bow armour.

Interesting. I wonder if it will have “mirrored” tracks.

The exhaust stacks seem to be missing their flapper valves.



like these tracks:
about those flapper valves…

RFM makes handed track n 3D

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Yes, there is some choice in the mirrored / handed / initial tracks available:

I am confused with the title. As far as I know this kit just has some new parts. If I am not mistaken, every RFM tiger kit (other than the original, new tooled kit) are just remakes with new parts based on Scalemates history.

I don’t know anything about this RFM kit, but generally I think it wise to take any Scalemates “history” with a large pinch of salt.

Yes, I (obviously) know the genealogy of Dragon Tigers, and Scalemates, well, they guess at it.



I’m taking a slow look at this kit now.
It has a number of annoying errors. For example, sprocket wheels were tooled especially for this kit - and yet they’re wrong.
But one thing looks promising. The Tiger appears to be in Transport mode! That’s a “first” for this kind of Tiger. I’ll have to figure out whether Rye Field got it right.