S-280 shelter interior help

Hey all I’m currently working on the Italeri shelter truck with the S-280 shelter. I want to do an interior for the shelter but I can not find pictures of the military version for the life of me! Every time i search online the closest I can find is either a completely empty one or ones that they’re trying to sell as tiny homes! Any help at all would be appreciated. This is all going to be scratch built so simpler is possibly better lol. Thanks everyone in advance and happy modelling :+1:

I guess you can find several configurations…

This one is a workshop :

Electrical Equipment Shelters :

example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4


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S-280 shelters are just that, an empty box. To find interiors you need to look up the type of use. In my electrons shop in Germany we had 3 repair shelters AN/ASM-146. Find the TM at (https://www.liberatedmanuals.com/TM-11-4940-238-24P.pdf). there are drawings of the interior. The walls and ceiling were light seafoam green and the cabinets were light gray with varnished pine work tops. A good start for the interior would be AFV35302 1:35 AFV Club US Army Workbench & Tool Set. I hope that helps.
Tom O.