S-300V Interior?

Hi all
Does anyone have any pictures or knowledge of the interior layout on this bad boy?
I especially interested in the engine compartment.
Really hope someone in here has some knowledge here of.
TIA Jacob




Thank you so much :blush::+1: That is very useful. If you should find something on the engine compartment layout, please let me know :wink:

Again, no engine info, but there may be something useful to you here

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Well, there might not be anything engine, but there are definitely a lot of other interior details, which are super useful for me, so thank you very much for this.
This is very helpful :blush::+1::heart:

Glad to help. Based on your other builds I’m looking forward to what you do with it.

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Thank you :blush:
I’m sort of playing with the idea of something abandoned, but not as old and rusty as the P-40 Radar, though. But I’m still in the very opening phase, so much can still happen :laughing: