S300PMU built and painted

Well here is my finalized build of the Trumpeter S300. It is the largest kit I ever had the pleasure to put together, and it was a rather fun build. The paint scheme is imaginary, but I think it works out well enough. I left it in a satin hue as my Matt Varnish keeps clouding up (any ideas how to fix that?).

Let me know your thoughts, :slight_smile:
I love this beast


that is one huge hunk of plastic, well done completing that kit

Nicely done. Especially like the paint scheme.

It came excellent Vlad

Great model with a very nice finish.


That looks awesome! As for the clear coat problem you could try thinning your matt varnish a bit more, I found that works.

Great job on this- really like that camo- it works very nicely on this beast!

What brand of matt varnish are you using?

What a monster! Beautifully done, I love the camo, and nice weathering.

Thank you all very much, glad you liked it :slight_smile:

The varnish brand I use is Vallejo, I have tried dilution anywhere from 1:1 to 1:8 and I have also tried dilution with water or with spirits. The results are unfortunately always the same, a white cloudy coat.

That is strange Vlad- I use Vallejo too and rarely have a problem with it. I dilute it with distilled water usually just eyeballing the consistency- like skimmed milk is about right. Have you tried it on a small area just using a brush?

I would also suggest looking into AK Interactive Ultra Matt varnish- it is sprayable out of the bottle and I’ve not had a problem with it.

Yes unfortunately even when brushed on it turns white, I generally like Vallejo and their products, perhaps it was just a bad batch. Unfortunately I have three bottles, that are now unusable and are just wasted money.

I think I will give the Ak a try then, thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: