SA-2 launcher details

Hello all,
Need some help. Does anyone have pictures or documents that show what is inside these panels and the the ones on the other side of the SA-2 launcher. Looking at doing a dio and would like to open some of these up.
Thanks for any help.

I myself at one time wanted to, but did not dare.

Now I have searched the entire Internet: I can give you the initial sketches and documents for awarding developers, give a diagram of a nuclear weapon variant, lay out textbooks and sketchbooks, give links to thousands of photos, but … I could not find a single photo of the internal devices!
Obviously, this situation has developed a long time ago: in 2008, a man made a model with the desire to fill the case, but he could not.
Accept as a consolation prize links to a couple of reviews (link 1, link 2)

Maybe some clues on this page:

S-75 Missile System

The launcher designation is SM-90 which might help searching for more technical details.

Couple of tantalizing photos on this page:

S-75 Dvina - India’s First Surface to Air Guided Missile

And a bit more here:

Rocket and Defense Technology:: Antiaircraft Systems

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Is the launcher itself accurate? The pr4oblem with the kit is the main missile section has seams and grooves in the wrong places.

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