SA-9 Gaskin and SA-13 Gopher turrets identical?

With Dragon SA-9 vehicle OOP for a while, I wonder if the SA-9 could be build from Trumpeter BRDM-2 hull and SA-13 turret?

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They do look like the same turret.

SA-9 Gaskin (9K31)

SA-13 Gopher (9K35)

According to Jane’s, they use the same turret as well.

“The 9K35 is the successor of the 9K31 Strela-1 and can also use the Strela-1’s missiles in place of the 9M37. Rather than being mounted on an amphibious but lightly armored BRDM chassis like the 9K31, the 9K35 is mounted on a more mobile tracked, modified MT-LB.”

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Thanks Gino,
I only have to leave off the radar on the SA-9.

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If you want the Dragon SA-9, there are a bunch on eBay, some really cheap.

1/35 SA-9 | eBay

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Hi Gino,
thanks for this. I am not much on Ebay, but there are some kits from Germany that I will consider.

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They are similar but not identical,
SA 9

SA 13

I think there is also a slight size difference in the turret, the missiles are also different with the SA 13 being larger 9M37 2.2M, although the SA 13 was later made compatible to the SA 9 missile 9M31 32Kg 1.8M


Other than the added radar and a few other boxes on the SA-13, they are the same basic turret.

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