Sabre German railway flatbed Ommr

Next up is this flat bed railcar. It looks well made and has 11 sprues and decals and small PE parts in the kit. 2 sprues are the tracks and this kit appears to us alot of the same parts as the Kesselwagen railcar I just completed. Ready set Go!


Day 1, got most of the deck structure completed and I noticed you really got to look close at the instructions because there are parts highlighted for install and some are not highlighted in some steps. I figured it out fairly fast but just getting use to Sabre instructions.


Loved the 2 in 1 kit when i had it years ago, didn’t realize i had bought 2 railway cars in one model. Enjoy!

Yours kit came with 2 railcars in it? Mine only has one in it! I just saw the Two in One thing on the box a few hrs ago but I didn’t know what they were talking about. I think I got screwed!

Interesting, i thought the 2 in 1 meant that it had two kits in it. I remember i had taken a risk and bought it off a vendor in China. I’m not sure maybe i got lucky?

I went back and looked, I bought the 1+1 super value pack. Here’s what the box would look like on it

I think the 2 in 1 refers to the gate being up or down on the railcar. Apologize for the confusion.

No problem. I guess I should have shopped around for the 1+1 next time we because I think that about the same price I payed for this one! I got mine off ebay that came from China so who knows. I kinda wondered if there was 2 in mine and someone resold it. Haha

Got the wheels and most of the bottom done yesterday


I finished up the buildngi of the flatbed rail car and still waiting for my new air brush to come in so I can start painting some of these cars up.


Very nice and quick, looking forward to seeing it painted

Thanks. This flat bed actually took longer than the tanker took to build for some reason. These Sabre kits are fairly detailed and took me around 3 nights to build. But my nights are 4 or 5 hrs haha. I pretty much just enjoy my downtime watching TV and building at the same time. I am not sure how many guys can just sit for 5hrs straight or more and build. I could be wrong. Well that one time I was wrong anyways hah

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Got it primed and did a round of color modulation before my base color will be added.


I got the base color applied and I started on the base coloring on the wood deck. Please don’t expect alot from my wood painting skills. I have not been really good at painting wood in the past, but the good thing is I can always put a tank on the deck to help cover its up. Haha this is the base coat and I am waiting on some varish to come in the mail so this might sit around for a week until I can start weathering it. Here’s a few pictures.

That car might be a bit overloaded with those tanks haha


Love how it’s coming out @CaptCrunch907 i remember building these railcars years ago and having a blast with them. I just wish i could find the space to do a dio this size!

Size is always a problem but I would rather build 1/35 scale and have big models than smaller scales. I don’t like working with tweezers and crawling around under my chair cursing because the tiny ass part shot out of the tweezers again for the 3rd time in a row! Plus I find the smaller scales loose alot of detail in my eyes so I stick with 1/35th

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I agree, i still have that problem every now and then with 1:35 scale but it’s very unlikely that it happens every time i build! @CaptCrunch907