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Sabre and 16.02 announce a collaboration for a Hanomag RL-20 tractor kit.

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Cute little tractor :smiley:


The Hanomag RL 20 wheeled tractor was manufactured from 1937 to 1942. The 1.9 litres, four-cylinder diesel engine had a power of 20 HP. It was classified by the Wehrmacht as leichter Radschlepper (o). (Image from D 600)|

Very usable with the trailer Miniart has issued…

Looks like some fit issues with hood / radiator shell.

That is bad publicity for the kit!

Maybe the sides and hood are not glued in place to allow taking photos of the engine, included with the kit.

That’s exactly correct. If you look at the box art photos, no such fit issue can be seen.

Great choice for a subject, as it was quite common.

the assumption is absolutely correct, that it is not about a fit issue.

I did the test build and I decided not to glue the bonnet to the model in order
to have a chance to bring some paint also on the engine even after assembly.

When slightly pushed downwards the bonnet perfectly sits on the vehicle.

Best wishes



Thanks for provision of this extremely nice picture showing the civil tractor in military use!
This picture was not known to me so far.


Good news then - thanks for the clarification.

My pleasure. I did a simple Google :grin:
And thanks for the explanation about the hood/bonnet…

Updated with the final boxart and poster.

Warmly welcome! Will get a couple, as I was drawing his brother the SS-20, and that new kit will provide a good base for my project!