Sabre M1278 JLTV

WOW!!!Just took a peak at what arrived today.WOW!!!


I didn’t know it was out.


I want to see how this one fares.

I know RFM will undoubtedly come with their version.

So just quickly going through it now,It looks well detailed,crisp molding as well.


Nice. The tires look good. That is the Deluxe Kit with all the extras.

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It is the deluxe edition,Im really liking this kit alot.Well detailed but not overly complicated to build it looks like.Kit doesnt come with a engine but im completely fine with it.Love the 3d accessories that are included as well as everything else.The 3d printed tires look amazing!Definitely a great looking kit

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Does it come with radios?

No radios but they do include the racks for them in PE,very similar to the racks from the RFM radio set.

Nothing that @MikeyBugs or @Petition2God can’t fix. They’ll hook you up with proper comms.

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If it’s anything like the M-ATV, then I believe it would use the AN/VRC-110 or AN/VRC-111. I have both along with the AN/VIC-5 which I assume it’d use.

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NICE kit! I’m loving all the little extras it comes with!

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Does anyone have pictures of the radio setup in the JLTV?

Great looking kit.