SADF A/T gun help

After some help, I found a photo of a SADF modified Mk.1 Ferret towing a A/T gun. From what I can tell the carriage and shield are from a 6lb but the gun is not. Can any one shed some light on the matter?

Oh also any idea on how the tow bar attached to the Ferret as Ferrets didn’t have a tow hook.



I’m pretty certain that the gun is a French DEFA F1 90mm gun (similar ir the same as mounted on the Eland and/or Ratel) in a 6-pdr. AT carriage.

The Israelis used a very similar set-up for their AT halftracks . . . the 90mm was designed to be either mounted on the halftrack or in the AT gun carriage. In theory, the halftrack mounting the 90mm gun towed the AT gun carriage, and it could be off-loaded for use as a ‘normal’ AT gun. Apparently they were normally simply used mounted on the halftrack, and the carriage was left in camp. (Most of this info is from John Myszka’s “Israeli Military Vehicles.”)

The Israelis had a technology & weapons relationship with the South Africans in the 1970s and 1980s. I am presuming that is where the set-up originated.



Could this be the same gun ?

from this forum thread


It sure looks like it! :grin:


Thanks Mark and H.P.
That does look like the same gun and not a 6pdr carriage. That link is intreating but unfortunately doesn’t answer the question as to what the gun is as one person mentions the Eland 90 and another suggests the Cockarel (sp?). Still very much doubt there is a kit of one out there and still have the issue of how a Ferret towed it with out a tow hook, (Ferret’s from factory didn’t include a tow hook).