SADF armoured reconnaissance vehicle Rooikat | Armorama™

Trumpeter 1/35 South African armoured reconnaissance vehicle "Rooikat"

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Amazing looking model! what figures were used for the crew?

Thank you, mcl1974.
This figure is based on a miniart British armored car crew and combines Hornet’s modern British crew heads.
I couldn’t find any detailed material on the equipment of the SADF vehicle crew. I found a photo of the headset using something similar to the British Army.

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I love it! You’ve absolutely nailed it! What colors were used?

Thanks ReluctantRenegade :grinning:
I used hataka’s SADF color set to paint this model.

I used it with Tamiya’s acrylic thinner.

I like it,very cool vehicle.

I’m busy with this model as well. Which method did you use for the camo pattern? I started off with masking fluid but the outcome was not as expected. Did you use masking putty?
Excellent built!