Sailmaking, or a break from speaking of rigging

Years ago a shipmate had a miniature jib sail he set whenever we motored with no sails up in good sailing weather. It was a bit defiant, so he called it his “Flying F@cksail. It wore out years ago

Here’s a 2012 photo showing Gazela’s legendary Flying F@cksail set proudly not long before its demise.

with no sails bent on two days before departure, I decided to make a replacement. It’s a trysail rather than a jib, so I’ll call it the “Nice Try Sail” or the “Try Harder Sail”.

My Nice Try Sail isn’t perfect but at least it’s done in time. Per tradition, the hem is double-sewn with waxed sail thread, a bolt-rope added with loops at the corners called “earrings”

The earrings are seized and whipped to the fabric for strength.

Now if no sails are ready before we leave I can bend my Nice Try Sail to the main staysail boom and we can leave harbor with our pride intact. :smile:


“Flying F@cksail” :flushed: and "Nice Try Sail” gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had all day - thank you Danie!
:laughing: :laughing: :+1:

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Here’s the Nice Try Sail bent on.


Fantastic! I just love it - it might give you the missing 0.0001 extra knot in the end :laughing:

And thanks for sharing that, in this post and the other where you’re showing the Gazela being prepared for sea!


This had me snorting, recalling the line from 2V-R8, the Sith Empire ship droid companion in SWTOR: “I’ve just finished cleaning the fuel injectors to the sublight drive. You should notice a .00008% power increase.”

9 knots under such a teeny sail!

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It works as as well as a headsail.