Samurai (1/10) from Dolman

Dolman Miniatures announced new bust:
Scale: 1/10
Material: resin


A very nice piece of work, although I think that it’s a bit of a shame that it’s a later-period armor with sugake-odoshi (armor lacing); the earlier kebiki-odoshi, with its denser lacing on the sode, shikoro, and yodare-kake (the piece hanging below the chin, which literally means “dribble hang”), would have given a greater opportunity to personalize the bust by using one of the wide variety of lacing patterns that were common on the older o-yoroi style of armor:

You can see from the image that the more sparse sugake-odoshi lacing doesn’t lend itself to patterned lacing, although it’s enormously less annoying to paint (I still remember the time it took with a 10/0 brush and an Optivisor to paint the armor of a 28mm samurai figure with one of the chevron patterns several decades ago).