Sandbag cloth texture

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to impart cloth texture to epoxy sandbags? This will be for a 1/35th scale dio. Thanks for your time
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Press a piece of cloth material with a suitable weave pattern onto your sandbags, making sure you don’t apply too much pressure or you will squish them flat! You probably only need to texture the top, or visible, side.
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Old burlap WWII bags, or more modern plastic weave bags? If WWII, the above advice is sound. More modern ones don’t have much of a texture that would be noticeable in 1/35.

Yoiur biggest challenge with WWII bags is replicating the seam,.

Thanks for the tip. I greatly appreciate this
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Thanks for the tip. It makes sense
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I’m very old school,our way was using t-shirt material carefully stretched over your finger tip until it looked right,worked then and now

Try using a Band-Aid… Literally.

Use a Band-Aid that’s made with fabric instead of the plastic ones.


Stick it around your finger and use it to imprint the weave onto the sandbag.


Definitely gotta try that.


Great idea, Thanks

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