Saudi M1A2S

How different is the Saudi M1A2S different than a baseline M1A2 is the differences all internal or are there some extermal differences?

Externally, they look like standard M1A2s. All the changes are internal, mainly no DU armor on the turret.

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thanks i just bought Voiio’s M1A2 SEP V.2 and im back back dating my Tamiya kitbashed M1A2 SEP V.2
to a Saudi M1A2S

does the Saudi Base line A2 have the A/C or APU mounted in the bustle rack and does it have the battery pack or fuel tank in the left rear sponson

Apparently they have UUAPUs.

From a DoD website…

“M1A2S Upgrades - a new computerized mass-memory unit; color maps and displays; enhanced Army Force XXI digital command and control capabilities; a second-generation, forward-looking IR (FLIR) system for the gunner and commander; user-friendly soldier/machine interface (SMI); under-armor auxiliary power unit (UAAPU)

Also, the latest ones are similar to US M1A2 SEPs…

"A video published on 19 March 2016 showed 3 Saudi M1A2S (US SEP [System Enhancement Program] Equivalent)…

so the UAAPU is the sponson mounted APU?
and with that said soes that mean it has the bustle mount A/C unit like the SEP ?

I would think so, but haven’t seen them, so can’t be sure. Most pics are from the front so you can’t see the rear bustle rack.

This one looks like a bastle rack APU and a normal left rear hull.

I think the issue is that Saudi has had different versions over the years and pics are hard to come by and not from good angles to tell which version it is for sure.

I have RFM’s M1A2 SEPV2. I was curious how well Voiio’s kit compares.

I will let you know as i have both on order

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heres why i was wondering about the UAAPU and the bustle mounted A/C unit

The above one looks like an M1A2 SEP equivalent. It has a VCU in the bustle rack and a Hawker battery system; no angled exhaust for the UUAPU on the left rear corner of the hull.

thats what i was thinking