Scale Creep

(This is a dead category anyway it seems. Wargaming could have stayed in the Sci-Fi category)

Scale Creep is the thing when the miniature model getting bigger and bigger over the the release of the same model at the supposedly same scale. So recently, on the Warhammer 40’000 table top, they released new models for the Imperial Guard, normal human soldier, that are now the size of the old Space marine model (super soldier). Their fan base is separated into faction that like and dislike for various reasons, some are funny, like costing more to paint. The 28mm was from heels to top, then to eye level, and now to shoulder level, they don’t even know anymore.

As Kitmaker members often about object scale (vehicles and gears) and the character as trivia, we never run into this issue. You just can’t scale creep 1m at 1/32.

I take it this is separate from the issue of new models that are bigger because everybody wants to dominate the table? I’m thinking the Primus Space Marines, who are even bigger than a normal one. And tanks - it started with the Baneblade, a giant among other IG vehicles…

In the “scale world” it is less of a problem, but we still have too many figs that are advertised at 1:35 but scale out at 1:32 etc. And sometimes vehicles are mis-scaled due to some kind of design error.

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Well, yes, however it is easy to understand the unhappiness when thing is not done correctly, since we don’t argue how long 1m at 1/32 or 1/35. I got that problem from some mini as well. If it’s wrong, it is wrong.

The Primaris Marine model is still dislike by a part of the table top community either for gameplay, design, or scale problem such Game Workshop calling the new line “true scale” despite it isn’t.

I care about it much as I don’t like the size of table top mini, I just find it amusing.