Scale Solutions Star Wars CSD Dominator

Looking through my kits, I sometimes come across the unusual and sometimes the downright mythical, (though there are also a lot of Spitfires and 1/35 Centurions too, it aint all unicorns)and yesterday was one of those days. Some years ago I bought several kits from a chap in Australia. He was behind the Scale Solutions kits and had a website and sold through ebay. . For whatever reason he was selling some of his kits off at a lower price and that’s when I picked up the Star Wars interdictor cruiser Dominator. This was long before Zvezda brought out their amazing Star Destroyer kit. Back then, the only game in town was the AMT/ERTL kit from the 1980s, and this was in scale with that. (however, since the ship is only mentioned in books, no reason it couldn’t be in scale with the new larger kit too. Anyway, the guy is a genius when it comes to resin kits and every part is crisp and ready to be assembled. So here are the parts to the kit, and I recommend anyone who is a SW fan and likes the very rare to keep their eyes open for this kit in particular.