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New 3D printed M2HB .50 cal Browning

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I know this is just the rendering to illustrate the total gun, but man, that bore looks more like a 20mm barrel than the .50 cal.

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I was going to say the same about the bore. It’s way off. There are other details missing, too. Why no barrel changing handle? It’s missing some obvious rivets. Why are there 4 holes in the cooling jacket all around? There should be a mix of 3 and 4 holes.
Here’s my CAD with the Scale23’s incorrect or missing details circled for comparison.

Not so fast. The charging handle is there. As to the barrel changing handle, it is not always fitted as it is removable.

The 4 holes all the way around are incorrect though.

Gino, I am not saying that the changing handle should be there always but why not include it because it’s more doable in 3D printing than other options.