Scammell commander in 1/35 on its way

Picked up from friends on Facebook


Now I would be very interested in that bad boy

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I’d definitely be interested in one.

Another Model for my stash!

Oooh! I need that one too!

As I mentioned in the other discussion on Modern Kits Wishlist, it’s easy for Hobby Boss and Trumpeter to do all these tank transporters - HET, Elefant, Commander (and I’m sure the Antar will come at some point) - when they have good kits from Accurate Armour to use as reference… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not copying them since you can’t mold the same way in plastic as in resin, but a perfect reference source.
I have the AA resin kit of the Commander so I’ll see how the HB kit compares.

Assuming the the one your copying is correct which in a lot of cases they aren’t.

Since Accurate Armour is the only one that has done any of these tank transporter kits prior to them being released by Trumpeter/HB, accuracy is not a problem as AA has usually been pretty good on that front.