Scammell Commander Tank Transporter First Gulf War | Armorama™

This is a truly stunning build of the Scammell Commander transporting a Willich AVRE. during the first Gulf War, the Willich AVRE is from Newland Models.

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Stunning monster of a build ! The Centurion in and of itself is incredible. The transporter is as well. Great finish on them both. Truly inspiring! Would love to have some info on the project.

Never heard of Newland models. Checked out their site they have some really nice stuff .

What a stunner👌
Where did the fascines and trackway come from?

The Willich is not based on the Centurion. It is based on the Chieftain.

Oh yes, I should have noticed from the engine deck. It’s hard to see the rest of the tank with the fascines and track way on it.

Gorgeous! Is this kit available in the U.S. yet? I haven’t been able to find it. Hobbyboss is a little behind in their releases, it would seem.

This isn’t the forthcoming Hobby Boss kit. It’s the Accurate Armour kit (which HB has undoubtedly used for reference….).

In AFV Modeller Edition 130 and 131 there is a 2 part article on this very build. I only managed to get the 2nd copy 130 in May/June 2023 pt2 is 131 July/August. It is a really nice write up. The work that went into is phenomenal.