Sceptre fuel cans - when would they have first been seen on US Army vehicles?

Title says it all. What sort of period were the plastic Sceptre fuel cans introduced into US service? I’m looking at a late 80s-1990 period and want to ensure I add the correct style to my Humvee - either ‘old’ metal fuel cans or ‘new’ plastic cans. I know the plastic water cans had been around for a fairly long time at that point so they don’t concern me.


According to Olive-Drab. com, the plastic fuel can was first fielded in 1993. article


Well that answers that question then :slight_smile: Thanks HP

Agreed. In '96-'97 I was an LT in 1 CAV and we had to go through all our connexes and supply sheds and turn in all of our metal fuel cans as they were no longer authorized. We drew plastic fuel cans to replace them all.

We still had metal fuel cans in the Guard until at least 2003/2004. We had the plastic fuel cans as well at that time, but the metal cans were not turned in. So it all depends upon your unit depiction.

I want all of my fuel cans to match when I build my 1:1 SF Tacoma. (Why did Toyota discontinue quicksand as a color this year?) So I just gave a metal one to my neighbor a few months ago that I “obtained” some time after 2003. So yes they’ve lasted a while in the system.

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The plastic fuel cans were interduce in 1973, they were used in 1975
with the South Vietnamese army.

Are you sure about that? I know the black plastic water cans were introduced in Vietnam (about '68), but I don’t think the fuel cans came out that early. Do you have any pics of them in use there?

I never saw any of the plastic fuel cans until the late 90’s. During my active duty time in the 80’s I only say the Black or Tan plastic water cans. Of course some of those have been used for POL products and had been painted accordingly to show that they no longer were to be used for water.

The plastic can was first used in the early 70’s by the tribes in Dubai to carry water, the plastic was lighter to carry and did not
get as hot.
The U.S. and Canada developed the plastic can to get rid of the metal can, first used in Vietnam, water only, South Vietnamese’s
Than, you were right, the first Gulf war had the plastic cans for fuel and water… the tan and black can color were used.