Schnellboot query

just got myself the Italeri 1/35 S-38…my first ship (unless the Airfix Leander class I built as a kid counts)

to the question…was the top surface on Schnellboote just paint, or some sore of anti slip/grit coating?

I believe it was an anti-slip paint which didn’t have a noticeable texture.

I recall reading in one book that at least the fore deck was covered in canvas and then painted over.
I will dig out the source of this info and get back to you.

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I agree with Leo; photos of S-Bootes show scuffed decks that are clearly painted, but no non-slip texture is evident.

Awesome guys!
Like i said, Covid has my attention all over the place…:rofl:
That last pic seems to have a bit of plank structure showing through in the lower left corner. That would be a nice effect to try and replicate.

Mindfart…any layout drawings of the hull, I want to leave some engine room hatches open and want to show ‘hints’ of machinery

You may want to consider lighting up the interior. Hatches are pretty small and the interior is very dark. Even “through the hatch” doesn’t reveal much. You might find something useful here:

…Even “through the hatch” doesn’t reveal much…

I dunno… some “through the hatch” shots are more revealing than others!



EXCELLENT!..Loved that build and love your creativity!

found something useful.

it’s a 518 engine, but close enough.
and the interior shots show some nice detail to glimpse