Schnellboot S-38/42 1:72 Fore Hobby

Despite the Groaning weight of my stash and embarrassing quantities of unfinished builds, every now and then I’m FORCED to start the next shiney thing.

I have the Revell one. I have the Airfix one. Then this happens. Forced I tell you. Forced.

First Impressions and experience so far putting together the hull.

  1. This is more than just a bit better than either the Revell or ancient Airfix offerings.
  2. The Plastic is uhhmm… soft? not bad soft, just not super hard. The detail, however, is wonderful.
  3. Fit is excellent. I’m going to need a touch of filler around the navigation lights, but nothing tragic. Largely due to having to remove (as per instructions) the top of the bulkhead and maybe not quite getting it perfect. Which brings me to…
  4. This kit only build one type (s-38/42) but clearly the parts are designed for alternative future versions. Cutting off the sides of the bulwark for example and quite a few (usefully numbered) holes to be drilled in the deck. there are four locating holes that need to be filled as well, but that’s pretty easy.
  5. Lots of Photo etch. And Metal gun barrels. And wire to thread through stanchions. It’s VERY complete. I was able to purchase this from Hobbyeasy with zero fuss for about $110 au (85ish US) including postage. The Revell kit with , say, the Griffon Model upgrade set would at least this much.

…note the rivets along the sides of the deck houses…

The Bridge is just sat in position. It actually fits extremely well. Just a bit springy is all.

I think I’m going to start painting already. Save me having to mask off the deck.


Looks like you are off to a fine start.

Mark :beer:

This really looks excellent and state of the art. I have the Revell S100 and (despite the fact that it is a different type) comes nowhere close to Fore’s detail, even after Griffon’s extensive (and expensive) PE set, after-market weapons, and hundreds of Archer rivets, and scratching missing detail and fixing what is wrong (which is a lot), and I’m still not happy with it!
:smiley: :canada:

Hi that is a very nice looking boat!! Would you please be able to show a picture of the staunched?? As I am hoping to see how they are made to fix the one on the Revell S-100

uuhhmmm… stanchions? Launchers? leprechauns? Not sure what a staunched is. It’s possible I’m just being nautically illiterate.

If “stanchions”, Revell has simplified them to what looks like a solid pipe-railing running all along the deck edge when in reality it is a short section of solid railing just behind the torpedo launchers, and the rest is stanchions connected by steel cables. Canvass dodgers were usually laced onto the steel cable. I got these for my Revell SBoot: Great Little Ships Ship detailing - GLSA72018A | Hannants They may not be 100% correct, but they have the right number of rail levels, and the levels are pierced so you can pass a line through them. I have yet to finish my SBoot with these stanchions. :roll_eyes:
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Kit comes with a bunch of these little guys:

…and some wire to put through them.

There are a few variations for different positions.

Leprechauns are not included. They were in short supply by mid war and all allocations went to U-boats.


Thanks for the picture & all good re the leprechauns being gone, as I’m short hopefully I can find some “good luck” lol

Many thanks for that link, I will order some of those I think!! Also do you have a build blog on your S-100??

No…no build-blog on my SBoat. I just don’t have the time to “glue a part - take a picture; glue another part, take another picture”! I’m in my seventies and time is becoming a premium. Anyway, I never did finish that kit. I ran into unresolved problems concerning the stanchions/railing/canvass dodgers and shelved the project. I also ran into frustrations applying rivet decals and making them stick! It’s mainly painted and just needs to be completed. I did that (build blog) on another forum when I back-dated Revell’s 1/144 Snowberry to a short forecastle HMCS Wetaskiwin. Completely scratch-built from the main deck up…including both decks. Took plenty of pics of the work, but felt like I wasted my time as there was very little interest in the project.
However, if you look around there are other blogs on S-Boats.
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