Schwerer-Flammpanzer auf Tiger I using a old academy tiger I hull

At first, I want it to be a F04, then a tiger I with a VK4502 (p) turret and finally, I’ll make it into a flammtiger. The biggest adantage of this project being that we know much about the appearance of the vehicule or the flamethrower, so I was free to do somewhat whatever I wanted when it come to the conversion. I’ve used a popsicle tube for the flamethrower, paper for the turret plate with some part from amusing hobby panther II box. Tank encyclopedia article here Schwerer-Flammpanzer auf Tiger I - Tanks Encyclopedia , I might add the S launcher, but the MG on top of the hull is speculative more than anything else, so it’ll be a “nope”, I’ll try to add more armor .

Have you seen Schatton’s interpretation of this vehicle?

yes, I decided to go for a simpler approach. I’ll try to add armor on it today and I’ll take some inspiration from it for my scheme