Sci-Fi Models from Junk

Although I am a dedicated AFV modeller, I have recently become interested in sci-fi subjects; specifically scratch-built models made from items of junk (ie: discarded plastic containers, items from around the house, and parts from redundant plastic models). I have a few such projects in various stages of completion, and wonder whether any similar-minded sci-fi fans have anything to show on this forum (WIP photos and text, and finished pieces).



There have been a few posted in this forum. Look forward to seeing what projects you have in the works.

Would be cool to see!
Always interesting to see what can be made with scrap, spare parts and a little imagination.

I did something of the sort in the “Sci-Fi & What If VII Campaign”

There are also quite a few builds by others scattered around the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section, including a nice series of hoverbikes.



I’ve made a few in the past that I may still have around somewhere in a box. Nothing lately tho. I’d like to see some of your scrap mash-up projects here

@pbennett, I’m about to head down the same path myself, until now it’s been cars, trucks, WWII aircraft mainly.

Cheers, D

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I’ve recently been thrustered into the world of Sci-Fi modeling, which in turn has led me down the junk scratch-build rabbit hole. Can’t even begin to express what a kick it is to cobble in garbage! :hammer_and_wrench:

And no, I am not a robot. :arrows_counterclockwise: No, seriously…
—mike :robot:


It’s great to hear that you’ve found a new interest in sci-fi modeling using discarded items and plastic models! The approach of using unconventional materials and upcycling can be an exciting and rewarding way to create unique and personalized models.

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