Scimitar Mk.2 TES | Armorama

Box art image for Gecko Models new release appeared... a very welcomed kit for all fans of modern British armor.

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Looking very interesting.

I may well get one of these. It will accompany my planned Falklands war version.

I really hope we get the whole family as I really like the Spartan and other versions. How about a CVR(W) Fox as well?

Regards jason

Wow! What a great vehicle to kit and Gecko kits are excellent. This is going to make @Johnnych01 day!

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Great news. TES parts really give a different aspect to this vehicle. I begin to like this new model brand

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Interesting to see them pick this one, a short lived hybrid… Looks a nice kit so I may well be tempted … @SSGToms is beginning to know me to well lol

We have seen similar business decisions from other companies… releasing the less-known/less-popular version of the vehicle and then slowly producing other, more interesting variants. Perhaps this could be the case here as well?


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Fingers crossed :+1:

Scimitar 2 still in use. Here is one minus the bar armor in Estonia.