Scimitar Mk II

Started some weeks ago, building this model from Gecko Models.

afters some day’s the PE madness started

and it will go on until the end

My 5 cents, until now; a nice kit with some very small parts, a lot of PE (no choice, you have to use it).
Nothing for starters ore people with bad eyes. difficult to work in blocks


Wow that looks great Jan. Very detailed kit. Didn’t know they made slat armor for scimitars.

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Man that’s a lot of intrinsic photo etch! Good on you for keeping it all on there throughout the build. It’s looking excellent. That’s going to be a tough one to base paint. It will be interesting to see how you approach this.

Great work so far! here’s mine.


Ugh, I hate photoetch!

More parts and PE, and some very small parts

working on the painting details,


Laving the bench, Scimitar MK2, Gecko models 1/35