Scimitar mk2, from Gecko

The detail is superb pity instructions don’t help, as has you putting parts on items the having to remove to fit, into or through an item, tracks back to front on instructions , need to read first and plan your own assembly,
It is very well detailed,
Grease points on arms hidden when assembled, oil level plug on final drive housing GPS receiver and screen all separate 6 parts to assemble the outside pieces, gun breach and sights inside turret


Grease points will be seen on 3 of 5 suspension arms.
Not sure what you mean by putting parts on items, then removing to fit. I just built this and had no such issues.
yes the instructions aren’t always clear.

Commander sight, put wiper blade on and then find will not go through sight cover plate, I noticed it before any work done

Gecko update

Point proven.

Yup, mine are on backwards. too late to change them.

Ah, ok I see now. I actually left this off until I was finished painting so I never noticed.

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Lots of builders follow the instructions to closely, so just trying to point out issues,
Some of the last hours work.

More work on it


I was looking to buy this kit. Would you buy it knowing the few issues?

I have not had any problems with the kit, so far. It goes together very well,

the instructions are the problem,

if your a competent builder, just read the instructions a few times and mistakes jump out at you. Some numbering of parts that are, for the other side.
Nothing you can’t overcome with checking and checking again.

Sorry but the box on the back, shouldn’t be touching at the bottom. equal space top to bottom. it kind of hangs

Thanks I wil put a spacer in to stand it off,

I would as most kits need some form of fettling. The dogs breakfast I’m working on at the moment is a case in point but I’ll get there.

Nice work Frank.

Regarding the small parts on Gecko kits, I keep telling myself what I read about Shep Payne. " if you can’t see it when it is finished then it isn’t neccessary "

Sorted ECM box and brass day, not perfect, only having glasses, it will do.