Scorpion Miniature Models 1:35 CVR(W) Fox

A friend of mine has just tipped me off re this little gem - well, it certainly looks like a little gem:

from, I’m sure, Mike Shackleton of Scorpion Miniature Models; due out, apparently, the end of this week.

Accurate Armour of course have done one for some years now, but a new kid on the block is always welcome perhaps.

Apologies if I’ve double tapped but I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen it elsewhere on this site.


I know Mike was getting some last-minute parts sorted a few weeks ago, so it must be due out shortly! (Muggins did the wheels…)

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Brilliant! Thinking about it, Mike probably wished to announce it here himself, so I’ve accidentally pre-empted him I’m sure. Oo-er.

I have to say though, welcome news.


Hi Boots! Have you bought any of the Airfix Ferrets yet? They were doing them for £20 at Telford…

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Can you all call him Michael, he hates people referring to him as Mike.:wink:

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'Fraid not; I have the ancient Cromwell Models one so don’t really need any extra; now, where have I heard that before?


No I don’t. Mike is fine. But not Mick. Thank you.


I stand corrected, sorry I missed you on Sunday, would have been nice to have hands on the Fox.

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Just ordered the late model Fox, with a ‘few’ other bits… UKP £65.00 seems reasonable for HKK kit


The fox looks brilliant. I know I need to get one, but I didn’t know that till I saw this announcement! Well done and thanks @Michael_Shackleton :+1:

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Ordered one last Tuesday, arrived on Friday… superb looking kit

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OOB Mini Review of HKCW CK3595B FV721 Fox (late)

Please note, there are Two Version Early CK3595A & Late, CK3595B, there are some differences!

I Bought this from SMM - Scorpion Miniature Models as soon as I saw the notification, and arrived in less than a week.

I’ve had several bits from SMM and HCCW before, and have been impressed by the quality of the casting and service.

Major components were checked against Terry Ganders Encyclopedia of the British Army, scaled up by measuring the drawings and the published dimensions & printed with Corel Draw.

Dimensions of the hull, tull top, turret and wheels, were within 1mm or less of the drawings, allowing for my skills limitations.

Includes a 4 page colour instructions, a metal Barrel and a small PE sheet.

Looking forward to this one, it is lush.