Scorpion Miniature Models British Releases

New items released for Centurions and Challenger.


Thanks for the heads-up.
Interesting stuff.

I had to uninstall webroot (some kind of chaperon software) from my PC before I could view it
since something made the stupid thing believe that the link went to porn and adult stuff,
maybe triggered by the word ‘Models’ … sheesh …

WebRoot if You see this,
here is a message for you
if you are clever enough to figure it out, most humans who
know their hand signs will
be able to understand

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Glad Gino, sorted it so people can see

Glad to help.

Good service, good company and good products I will use them again.

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Interesting stuff.
And here I am recently getting one of those AFV Club vinyl Centurion covers. Theirs looks much better.