Scratch 1/200 Nimitz

Found this and thought it was worth sharing. Scratched 1/200 Nimitz.
USS Nimitz (


It makes my head hurt even thinking about scratch building that huge… The process would of been to see though.
Impressive finished build.

Nicely done. However, if I had the skills for such projects I would have gone but large as there are several 1/144 related items already available that can be incorporated into this.

There’s a 1/144 scale Nimitz class floating around on facebook… :astonished:

@Russelle, I think have seen it but can you share a link? TIA

I’ll see your 1/144 Nimitz…

and raise you a 1/100 Enterprise…

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I would make my head hurt just trying to build a kit of a 1/200 Nimitz,never mind from scratch :weary:

They used to advertise a 1/72 fiberglass Nimitz hull on FSM

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Here you go

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@Russelle, thanks for the link. It’s the same one I had seen before. I wish the builder share more photos and information how he build it. A wishful thinking I suppose but if there was an online build then it will be a great source. :thinking:

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@Tojo72, I have an older (90ies) Fine Scale Modellers magazine that had a 1/72 Nimitz or Enterprise on the cover and several page article. I have the magazine in my storage and if I remember correctly…it was something like 15 feet long. The guy had to add additional room to his house. However, to his reward the Captain of the real aircraft carrier invited him to cruise his ship. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have to take him up on thst cruise :grin:

Mike, there’s a 1/72 HMS Warpite on Youtube…

So big he needed to build a dedicated trailer and launch ramp for it… :astonished:

But nothing beats the 1/48 scale HMS King George V builder’s model at the Greenwich Maritime museum :innocent:


@Russelle, wow that is crazy. I am having a hard time keeping my 1/32 A-10A N/AW covered to keep dust free and these monsters will be eaten by dust in my house. But, my hats off for these guys that went the extra 100 mile.

Thanks for sharing and now I feel bad :joy:

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