Scratch built Boeing F/A 63 Skyhawk II

This is the Boeing F/A-63 SKYHAWK II (VA-61) based on the Orbital Strike Carrier USS Constellation . This two seat fighter bomber flew during Operation “Blow Torch” in the year 2103 on ground strike missions in support of Coalition troops on Mars. Camouflage is a field expedient scheme applied on a forward airfield on Mars.

af_111006_skyhawk2 (1)


Very cool, unique, original, and detailed. I really like the dark tinted canopy and how it doesn’t have any wings for space.

It’s really not easy building Sci-Fi from scratch and you did a marvelous job! The camouflage paint scheme looks amazing.

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Thanks a lot! The cockpit I wanted to do an interior but was too difficult at the time.

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Hey! Wasn’t this spotted above California last month?

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:laughing: lol