Scratch built LVTE1 Mine Plow

I scratch built this around 2005 or earlier. I made the plow so that the wings fold out to plow or fold into the travel position plus it raises and lowers.



Best one of the three, that is just freaking amazing.

It’s ok… I’ve seen better…

… Of course I’m kidding :grin:

Echoing what Ryan said and then some…
That is scratch building into the next level… I take it you had plans to work from Ralph ?? Or you were maybe crewed on one ?

The detailing you have put into it not to mention the hours is simply amazing. How long did it actually take to do ?
You said it was done about 2005… If I had started it 2005… I would still be going now… Brilliant craftsmanship :+1::+1:

Incredible job there as I said before. Great attention to detail

Forgot to add the detailed pieces that I made for the plow a year or two latter so that the plow wings can be locked down in the traveling position. There is one left and one right set and everything works to lock and unlock the wings. Look carefully at the pictures and you will see it from one picture to the next picture.



holy cow that is some freaking amazing work you’ve done there…I hate to say this but didn’t “Amusing Hobby” plan on releasing this as a kit, I seem to remember reading something like that a year or so ago?

Hi Ryan…Thank you very much for the compliment. To me they are all a lot of work, but I love scratch building LVT’s.


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That is truly outstanding :clap:

Hi John

Thank you very much for great compliment I’m honored.
I was not crewed on one. Back in the late or early 2000 I started my research on may armor forums for pictures and sketches of all the oddball LVT’s and I had quite a few replies that emailed me pictures. My email crashed 4 years ago and I lost all the emails of the people that helped. One chap sent me a !44 scale plan of it and when I enlarged them to 1/35 there was a lot of discrepancies in height, width and length. I used dimensions from the model of the LVTP5A1 and on the internet.
I did not have the time to work on it all the time so I would calculate a year plus.

Thank you again,

Armor -Buff…Thank you very much for the compliment.

David…Thank you very much for the compliment.

Amusing Hobby had plans on releasing it and it was accurate like my, but AFV club took over them and proposed their own version with no modification to their LVTP5A1 kit. but they did release their LVTH6 Howitzer kit but not the mine plow.


Some very serious scratch work. :+1: :+1:

@mech thanks for the update on that kit, I wondered what had happened to it.

Armorsmith…Thank you for the compliment.


Impressive scratchbuilding skills … looks amazing now :+1: :+1:


Hi Walter… Thank you very much for the compliment.