Scratch built Soviet Su-12

Its been a while since I updated this so I thought I would as I seem to be in the final lap.

Essentially…construction is complete. I have to make and attach a horn. One or two rivets need replacing. Hubcaps for the return rollers are made … I just could not be ar&ed to attach them now. I need to make hubcaps for the road wheels and there is a lot of them Then I need to start wiring up.

It was painted with primer all over but I notice some rust (or something else) so it may need a respray. Corners were cut - primarily on the sprockets. There are two halves to a tiger sprocket - the front and back. These sprockets are two back halves joined. I then made a hubcap that sits over the central boss. And that was it. Not perfect but it was the only solution as I did not fancy making sprockets from scratch.

The whole thing is actually quite smooth - it rolls on its tracks when I shove it! Bit surprised about that but I will take the win.