Scratch built T-80 tank

This is a tank I stated a while ago and ran into a snag. Resolution of the snag began to stretch out in time so I started my Su-12 and the T-80 went on the back burner.But the Su-12 is nearly done, the snag was resolved and now I am slowly focussing back on this.

It will be a 1:16 T-80 light tank in metal. I like this because:

  1. It was perhaps the only tank that could shoot aircraft with the cannon due to high elevation
  2. It has loads of doodahs on the hull
  3. I like the “broken neck” look of the offset turret.

Biggest problem is going to be tracks but I am no rivet counter so I will figure it out.

The above is my start point regarding angles and so on.

Crazy elevation on the cannon!

Here are the hull sidewalls cut out:

All in 1.2mm mild steel plate.

And here is progress on the hull itself:

I will use bevel gears and I had to make those. I think they will be OK.

Now in teh hull with the suspension racks and swing arms visible:

The turret was handy…all straight bits and handy angle things to cover up my shoddy soldering technique.
Not 100% detail wise but good enough for me.

The hatch on the top had to open to allow me to join the turret to whatever motor I stick under it.

And that was where I left it. Actually looking forward to getting back at it as I think it is a nice tank.



wow … very impressive

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Another incredible metal scratch build!


If I tried soldering that I would end up with something that looks like it had been microwaved!

Now that I finished my Su-12 I came back to my T-80.

Spent a bit of time sorting out the hull. Not happy with the bulge on the front - had to use Milliput - but it will just have to do. The real thing was fairly crude in reality.

Then I installed my suspension. Its fairly soft and “dainty” but the tank is-currently-light.

Then I painted it my standard issue gun metal to cover the rust.

And I made some wheels and idlers (same thing!)…

Then I had to deal with the tracks.
The T-80 uses some weird double toothed track with a single row of teeth on the sprocket engaging in the middle.

The only two toothed track I know of is the Sherman. So I got some metal ones. Then I filed, ground, Dremeled and sanded off the chevron things. Then I made a little jig and drilled a hole in the dead centre of each link. Tedious work. The aim is not so much to produce a T-80 track, but to produce any track that works and that doesnt stink of Sherman.

Then the sprockets wouldnt fit correctly. So I ground off the back of the sprocket until I had just a disk of teeth left.

Then I adjusted the teeth spacing with a file. Then I mounted that disk between two steel “rims”, checked that the “sprocket” was running true, then bolted the two “rims” together ending up with a rudimentary sprocket with a central row of teeth.

They need some finessing and a means of getting them on the drive shaft but that shoul dbe OK.

They engage nicely with the tracks at any rate.

Now I just have to figure out Motor mounts.