Scratchbuilt sci-fi hoverbike No. 2

I really had a blast building my previous hoverbike, so I started with a new one before the paint even had dried on the old one.
Started with no clue and a couple of ballpointpens and then went from there.
I had some blurry vision of what I wanted and it ended up pretty much as predicted.

The figure is sculpted from Magic-sculpt and this is my first ever build using an airbrush. Finally after 35-40 yrs of building models I took the airbrush-step… I guess it was about time.

Anyway, enjoy and every feedback/critique is very welcome.


Looks awesome mate. Amazing what people can come up with. Figure looks spot on to me.


EXCELLENT build. I compliment you on the paint job, both vehicle and figure. I especially like the burnt metal effect.

Cool concept, well done!


That should give you a kick in the butt, wgen accelerating!

Very well done.

Awesome. It looks LOUD

Outstanding! If I could sculpt figures like that I suspect I would do little else…



Totally stellar! The figure really “steals the show” and I really like the colors.

If you ever made it into a resin kit, I’d be tempted to buy it. :grinning:

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Thank you all for those kind words.

Regarding the burnt metal I can tell you it was pain in the… It´s a mix of acrylics, oilpaint, washes and anything else I could get my hands on.

Stay tuned for the next one, no.3… I already have some ideas, haha.

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