Scratchbuilt sci-fi hoverbike No. 3

So I started a new project almost 6 months ago. It has been laying there, waiting… gathering dust.
Then finally I finished it and here it is.
Some sort of futuristic biker.
Started out with some bottle and just went from there.

Hope you enjoy. A fourth bike is already done. Just need a rider, so stay tuned for more to come…


Very clever, and looks the part. It would be good to see how you get from nothing to the finished article … :+1:

You are absolutely right there. I tend to forget taking pictures of the build but I do have a few from this one.
And I myself love to see build logs with lots of pictures so I will try to better myself.

Here is a few pics from the build:


Looks great. :+1:

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Thats pretty amazing to be honest. The way the hover bike has been built up from a piece of rubbish is brilliant. Great to see the bits and how they were used. The completed item looks like a proper bought kit. And the figure is amazing … I thought that was an actual kit until I saw the leg and head. Very creative and very skill full figure crafting. Top work :+1:

That’s an amazing and original looking hoverbike…not what I expected when I clicked the thread.

It has all the right tech to hover: engine, handles, brakes, etc. Your sense of Sci-Fi kitbashing and scratchbuilding engineering is quite an accomplishment! :grinning:

Dig that ride!

fabulous work, well done indeed.

Thank you all for those kind words.

Superb work

Amazing idea and job done! Congrats!

Nice to see people doing scratchbuilt work like this. When you have the other bikes completed you could put them into a futuristic bike gang diorama :sunglasses:.


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