Scratchbuilt sci-fi hoverbike

This is my first project that I actually finished in years.
I am really not good at finishing my projects so this is hopefully the start of a new beginning…

I was inspired by the hoverbike Rey used in one of the Star wars-movies (I have no idea which).
And it turned out to be some kind of joyride/delivery-vehicle.
This was all about the build and I enjoyed every minute of it, just the way it´s supposed to be.
The finish and painting isn’t up to the standards of the site really, but I hope you all can see past that as this is hopefully the first of many projects to come.

Enjoy and I hope to get some input on what can be improved. Every opinion is much appreciated.


Absolutely nothing wrong with the painting/finishing!

I will try to move this post to the Sci-Fi forum .

My first topic move :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you. I actually thought I put it in the sci-fi forum…

I get some tractor-vibes with this. Or racingpod… The build looks clean and not overdone.
Where does the figure come from?

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Welcome Snakey, and as Robin said absolutely nothing wrong with the painting or weathering, whole thing looks really great. What scale is the figure ? :+1:

Thanks. I think it started out with some racingpod-thoughts in mind… I guess it could be pretty much anything.

The figure is made from Magic-Sculpt and it was made to fit. It is about 80 mm high so the scale might be 1/24?


You scratch built the figure as well ??

If so that’s even more impressive and a bigger well done is in order :+1:

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Thank you all. Very much appreciated.

Yes I made the figure myself. I’m terrible at figurepainting so it’s a shame to ruin someone elses figure :smile:

I think 80mm is a little larger than 1/24. Maybe 1/23 - 1/22?

My 193 cm (6’4") scales to 80.4 mm in 1/24 :grin:
The slightly above average height male fits the 1/22 - 1/23 range …

Lol, yes true. I base all figure scales from a 72" adult.

That turned out really cool. :sunglasses: Excellent work!! :slight_smile:

you’ve done a fantastic job on that scratch built kit and I love the figure as well.

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